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Each generation of Americans send fewer of their young men and women to protect this country.
Less than one percent of the population can claim veteran status. In 2014, in the United States,
the total number of veterans was 21.8 million (approximately ten percent of which were women)
of a population that exceeds 300 million people.

Some people think that opting for cremation limits your options for memorialization. 
You should know that choosing cremation rather than burial does not diminish the value of a wonderful life.
In fact, cremation opens the door to many different & unique options to gather, remember and celebrate your loved one. Cremation like burial is simply the disposition of the physical body of the deceased.
In addition to planning a Remembrance Gathering you may also consider
creating a permanent memorial in a cemetery, columbarium or cremation garden
that can be visited by family & friends.



Now offering a new service for those who are in need of assistance with funeral expenses:

Fund The Funeral

Fund the Funeral is a crowdfunding organization with whom we have partnered
which pays the funeral home directly from the donated funds. 
If you are in need of this service, please notify your funeral director
at the start of the arrangements conference and we will create the fund for you.

We do not partner with any other crowdfunding organization.

Please visit for more information.



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We offer many memorial keepsake items.  There is always something new!
Stop by or call 324-4104 and speak to Candis, our Memorial Keepsake specialist.


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